Call for Proposals

To submit your proposal, please fill out CAID Online Proposal Form.

The primary goal of the CAID Conference 2013 is to bring together teachers and educational support colleagues who are working with deaf and hard of hearing students using BEST PRACTICES. Specific efforts are being made to make contact and invite teachers and parents who work with deaf and hard of hearing students in the mainstream, who often feel somewhat isolated.

The theme of the CAID Conference 2013 is BEST PRACTICES.  Educating today’s deaf and hard-of-hearing students requires an array of services.  Knowing that deaf and hard-of-hearing students learn differently, parents and teachers need knowledge of best practices.  The intent of CAID 2013 is to provide those who work with deaf and hard-of-hearing students with the strategies and tools that contribute to a successful student. By focusing on BEST PRACTICES in 2013, the intention is to include the perspectives of educational support colleagues as described below.

Topic Strands
Concurrent Sessions = General Topics that relate to student diversity in culture, language and learning; characteristics of students; teaching strategies; and support processes (at any level birth-postsecondary) that address diverse learning needs.

Thematic Sessions that focus on: 

  • INSTRUCTION:  Sessions led by instructors who share current instructional methodologies to the pre-K to post-secondary level, as well as itinerant teaching; sessions for entering professionals
  • STEM: Sessions led by educational technologists who share current successful classroom technology practices and emerging technology practices in support of teaching and learning.
  • STATE OF ART SUPPORT: Sessions focusing on support services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, such as access services, speech and audiology, and tutoring support.
  • WORKING WITH PARENTS:  Preparing their son/daughter for college and academic success skill development in college

Special Interest Group (SIG) Sessions = SIG-related Topics that address one of four CAID SIG areas:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language Arts (TELA)
  • Mainstreaming (SWIM)
  • Science and Technology/Technological Support

Proposal Guidelines & Review Process
CAID invites you to submit proposals for presentations of 60 or 75 minutes in length.

  • Presentations will be categorized into one of the topic strands and sessions listed above.
  • Please do not hesitate to submit your ideas for a session, even if you think it might not relate to the conference theme or specified topic strands.
  • Proposals from first-time presenters are welcome.
  • You may request assistance from us in developing a proposal. This service is independent of the review process.

Priority will be given to presentations that:

  • Focus on students and teachers
  • Are thoughtful, creative,
  • Derive from personal experience
  • Are interactive (actively involve session participants).

GENERAL SESSION, TOPIC STRAND, and SIG PROPOSALS will be reviewed by a general review committee.

AV Support:
LCD projectors will be supplied, however, presenters are expected to bring their own laptop computers.  Additional AV requirements are the responsibility of the presenter(s) and can be easily arranged with the FABULOUS NTID support technicians. 

To submit your proposal, please fill out an CAID Online Proposal Form.

Note: Presenters will be responsible for personal travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses. In addition, upon request, conference conveners will provide presenters with formal confirmation letters of proposal acceptance.